***I have had many different services done at this establishment and love them all. It's hard for a person with the types of allergies and sensitivities like myself to find a place/person who listens to and focuses on my needs and not their need to make a dollar. I can honestly say I've not had any bad experiences because I have been educated on what to do after each service. I appreciate that my scheduled time is all about me. Thanks for the great service!-Patty, Bloomfield


***Love My Lashes!!!...Esther is fabulous..lashes very natural nice clean environment very relaxing and professional. Location easy w plenty of parking.-Karen, Amazon local customer (Stamford)

***These lash extensions are fabulous! They look natural and feel like my own. I am extremely happy with them and look forward to keeping them.-Anita, Amazon Local Customer


***Thumbs up...It was a great experience and I love my new lashes.-Lori, Living Social customer


***Thumbs Up!!!...Brenda, Living Social customer

***5 stars...Fabulous! She was awesome!-Debra, Amazon customer


***I was skeptical on my first visit because I bought their service during one of their sales promos.  I purchased one of their full sets of eyelash extensions the natural look. I have always felt you get what you pay for.  I was wrong this time.  I was surprised and relieved when I found out the owner Ester was going to do my lashes.  Prior to the application she explained the process in detail. The atmosphere was so relaxing I fell asleep. When I woke up I was so happy with my lashes I could not stop looking at them in the mirror. I bearly heard a word she said about the after care.  My lashes are very short and brown so it was great to see them again without mascara. Thank God she gave me a print out. 

I have been doing my lashes off and on for years and this is the first place that someone has explained the application, after care and given me a print out on care instructions. I am also happy Eyelash Extensions And More offers 3 different full sets of eyelash extensions and different refill options.-Amy, Avon


***Loved the great caring service!-Laura, Living Social customer


***I look forward to having my eyelashes done at Eyelash Extensions and more.  I really enjoy the personalized attention I receive every time I am there. They are not a salon so the atmosphere is quiet, private and relaxing. The aromatherapy along with the music relaxes me and it is a treat to wake up with beautiful lashes.-Jessica, Glastonbury.


***Thumbs Up!!!...Patricia.-Living Social customer 


***I had cupping facials when we lived in New York.  It is one of the things I miss since we moved to Connecticut years ago. This relaxing, detoxifying Chinese treatment  really makes my face look younger.  The gentle suction of those little cups plumps up the  muscles in my face without any pain.  The addition of the aromatherapy and other benefits of the rose essential I choose really completed my experience.  Looking forward to my next treatment.-Lynn, West Hartford. 


***Thumbs Up!!!...Erica.-Living Social customer


***I consider myself to be a low maintenance kind of woman. So when I had my eyelashes done at Eyelash Extension and More in West Hartford, I was happy to know it require low maintenance and last for months once I get refills every 3 weeks. They looked natural and they felt like my very own lashes. I’ve had my lashed done before at other places but I’ve always taken them off because my eyes would water and the lashes added extra weight to my lids. Never, Never, would I go anywhere else again. Eyelash Extension and more have me as a customer for life..!    -Keisha, Bloomfield


***Thumbs up...Cassandra.-Living Social customer


***I love my eyelash extensions they look very real and natural.  I have very fine eyelashes and these extensions give me that full natural look with out using any mascara.  The application is done in a relaxing environment with soothing music playing and the owner Esther did my application she is very professional, friendly and knowledgable.  There is no glue or chemical smell and nothing is touching your skin so there is no error for irritation to happen.  I would recommend this service it really gives you that little uplift that we women needs. -Barbra, Hartford


***It was a great experience, very professional.  Definitely will return.-Tania, Living Social customer


***I am a special education teacher.  Although my job is rewarding, it is often stressful.  Sometimes a regular massage won't cut it.  I have found a treatment that gets all the tension out in addition to stretching my knotted muscles.  After that "compression massage," I was ready and raring to go.  Now I can finish the school year with a 'pep' in my step! Thanks to Esther.-Paula, Brooklyn


***She was great and my eyelashes look amazing! Worth every dollar and will definitely use her services again!!!-Anonymous(802897), Living Social customer

***I have been getting reflexology treatments for many years.  I decided to try Eyelash Extensions and more because of their "new location" special.  The session was awesome! All the important zones were worked on and massaged. They have earned a life time client! -Heather, Avon

***I have thinning eyelashes and have been thinking of getting eyelash extensions for years.  I finally had it done after my friend told me she had hers done at Eyelash Extensions And More...hers looked so good!  I woke up with beautifully, enhanced and natural looking lashes.  I have also found out that it is important to follow the care instructions.  It makes them last longer. -Wendy, Simsbury

***My muscles in my neck, shoulders and back are always achy because I spend a lot of hours at the computer. The compression massage has really helped. I have noticed that I do not get as much headaches any more. Thanks, Esther.-Andrew, West Hartford.


***The service is great! Atmosphere relaxing and I like being able  to choose what fullness I want. I have been doing my lashes for years but this is the first place that has given the option to choose.-Sarah, Middletown.


***Thumbs up-Cleo, Living Social customer

***Thumbs up...Cassandra.-Living Social