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Our bodies start aging in our twenties and never stops.   Thanks to the wonders of science and innovative skin care professionals, you can choose from a wide  range of anti-aging treatments.  You can wait until wrinkles and skin discoloration are noticeable or harness the aging process now.  The choice is yours.  We can tailor treatments to suite your specific concern or goal.  Results may vary.

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Your experienced, certified, Associated Skin Care Master Practitioner, Esther Nicholls at their West Hartford location can assist you.  


Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen

Our bodies start aging in our twenties Hyaluronic acid production decreases and so does collagen production. Hyaluronic acid exists in the human body and is found in our eyes, joints and skin.  

Thinking of combating the signs of aging?  Want to age your way?  Add hyaluronic acid serum to your skin care routine.  For optimal skin care.  Add Hyaluronic acid based serum or collagen twice daily after your toner.  Your skin will love you for it!  


Anti-Aging Rose Quartz Crystals

The rose quart has been around for centuries.  The Romans used rose quartz in their beauty rituals for they believed the stone could prevent aging.  Many energy worker still believe the rose quartz strengthens the heart and circulatory system.   Masks made of rose quart were found in tombs of Egypt.

It is believed this crystal aids in the release of toxins and impurities from the skin.  Along with relieving tension which often builds up in your face.


rose essential oil

Due to the compounds in rose essential oil it is used  it is used for healing and anti aging addition to it's aromatic benefits. 

Our anti-aging products and service may contain or include therapeutic grade rose essential oil or rose quartz crystals.


aroma therapy is included with each service

We always us scented candles and other aromatic options to enhance your time with us. Aromatherapy is always complimentary at EyeLash Extensions And More.

Balance! Pamper! Enhance!


Enhancing You beauty & helping you age your way

Here to ENHANCE your beauty & help you age your way

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