Eyelash extensions

EyeLash Extension Options & Eyelash Lift

Available in West Hartford.  Prices quoted are for both eyes.  All services are performed by experienced and dedicated practitioners!

Eyelash extensions are safe when applied and cared for properly.  At EyeLash Extensions And More they do not believe in one size fits all.  Their practitioners will always tailor your service specifically for you. Your experienced, certified and dedicated lash practitioners will advise you on:

  1. First and foremost… the lash enhancement that best suits your natural lashes
  2. The option/options that may help you achieve your lash enhancement goal/goals 
  3. Please be aware that not everyone may be a suitable candidate for eyelash extensions…i.e your health, health history, condition of lashes etc. Please let us know if you have problems laying in any particular position.
  4. Depending on the condition of your lashes we may suggest other enhancement options.
  5. If you have had an allergic reaction to extensions in the past we suggest not having them applied again...your health comes first.

***Never had eyelash extensions before? Not sure which full set you should have applied? We suggest you start with our "Natural Look." You can always get a fill if you love your new eyelashes but desire more. All of our eyelash extension options are listed below. For longer lasting eyelash extension please follow care instructions.  

We offer individual eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions and layered eyelash extensions.  They are made of synthetic silk .    

***Individual Eyelash Extensions...one individual eyelash extension applied to one of your lashes:

 "Natural Look" (both eyes) Recommended for light color to dark brown eyelashes and those who prefer the naturally enhanced look. 

...Allow 1.5 hours $175+   

"Natural Plus" both eyes) Recommended for dark brown eyelashes and those who prefer the naturally enhanced look.  Allow up to 2  hours  $225+ 

"Mascara Look" (both eyes)...For those who have had eyelash extensions before or if you cannot leave the house without applying mascara. 

Allow  up to 2.5+ hours $279+ 

 "Bold" (both eyes)...For those who don't mind telling the world they are wearing eyelash extensions and they love it! Allow  up to 3.0 hours $325 

Eyelash Lift 

Eyelash lift , perm and or curl...1st visit...$149

Eyelash lift, perm and or curl...2+ visit...$115

Your appointment time is reserved especially for you.  Due to the duration time of some of our services our cancellation policy is 48 hours.   Lashes must be free of mascara or makeup of any kind.  The removal of make-up cuts into your application time.  In consideration of the guests scheduled after you we are unable to extend application times.  

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to reserve your service.  This deposit will be credited to your service or applied to a future service if you cancel within 48 hours. ***Some Promotions, coupons and discounts are not redeemable on Fridays & Saturdays