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Eyelash Extensions And More is an Wellness, Esthetic & AntiAging Practice dedicated to making you feel and look your very best. Whether you're looking for a simple tool to help you relax or just feel like pampering yourself.  They have a wide range of Wellness, Esthetic and AntiAging  services to help you look your best as you age your way...For we all start aging in our twenties. Their goal is to give you exactly what you want and the undivided attention you deserve. Your eyelash extensions and other services  will always be applied by certified, experienced and dedicated beauty practitioners or masters.

Eyelash Extensions And More is proud to be the first company in Connecticut to offer a combination of eyelash extension options and customized AntiAging services and products.  For they believe one size does not fit all.

Services in a client centered environment.  They do not answer the phone during your service. Your time is reserved especially for you!

A combination of Esthetic, Wellness & AntiAging services are available for you.  Allow them the opportunity to enhance your beauty, balance and pamper your mind, body and soul. Along with assisting you to age your way.

Owner,  Esther Nicholls has been in the Wellness, Esthetic, Beauty enhancing and Anti-Aging business for many years.  In 1998 She opened her first business in West Hartford Center. Where the focus continues to be balancing and nurturing the mind, body and soul.   She is a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist(2003), Doctor of Metaphysics (2001), Hypnotherapy Practitioner (2001), Practical Nurse (2009), Doctor of Philosophy in Religion (2001), Certified Intradermal Cosmetic Technician(2014), Esthetician (2012) and Certified Make-up artist... 

In 2013 Esther received a Certificate of Excellence when she graduated form "Side street to Main Street...Business & Leadership Development Program." This was class 16. (The program was administered by the Middlesex Chamber, facilitated by  The Essex Group and has been funded by Aetna for more than 23 years).   She is also certified in the following:

Esthetic Certifications

*Anti-Aging skin care 

*Eyelash Extensions


*Chemical Peels

*Infection Control

*HIV/AIDS Prevention & Sanitation

* Understanding Cytokines and Skin Cell Communication.  Pigmentation Disorders, Causes and treatments, truth about 

*Oxygen and the Skin for treating Acne and Rosacea.

*Intradermal Cosmetic Technician. Licensed tattoo technician by the state of Connecticut

*Combination Therapy...Advanced  Esthetic Training 

*Mastering Microneedling

*Certified Make Up Artist

*Certified Spa/beauty party Planner

*Oncology Esthetics

*Apothecary skin care

*Brazillian waxing

*Safe, successful extractions

*Body Sugaring

*Certified International Make Up Artist

Energy & Body Work Certifications

*Energy Medicine*Cupping Massage

*Miofacial Energetic Release

*Geriatric Massage*Bamboo Massage

*Infant Massage

*Thai yoga massage

*Cancer treatment and massage

*Indian Head Massage

*Essential Oils for mind, body & spirit

*Chakra Healing & Balancing

Other  Certifications


*NLP Pactitioner

*Past Life Regression Therapist


*EFT & TFT...Emotional Freedom Technique & Thought Field Therapy, therapist *Building teams that work *Gerontology *Human Services   

Certifictions And Memberships

*ABMP...Associated Body Work and Massage Professionals 

*IMDHA...International Medical and dental Hypnotherapy Association                                                 *ASCP...Associated Skin Care Professionals  

Esther created  Eyelash Extensions And More when she realized that enhancing  and pampering the body is as important as balancing the mind and spirit...especially in the hectic world we live. 

Their experienced and dedicated practitioners are here for you.  They love nothing more than helping you realize how great it feels to enhance your beauty while balancing, pampering and enhancing your mind, body and soul.